Dealer for Congzhou Machinery should have the following Pre-Requisite:

Authorised Dealer will have to acquire and provide following minimum infrastructure and to commence the dealership:

Office: A centrally located office with required furniture where customers can visit and have meeting.

Team Leader: A responsible person to attend the customer during company hours.

Marketing/service Engineer: At least 02 service engineers to cater the state for marketing, training, installing and repairing the machines supplied in his territory.

A computer with internet connection and telephone connection is required

Products display board.

Office should have company approved sign board.

Congzhou Packaging Machinery Mfg. Co. (CPMMC) shall provide the followings which will be exclusively used for the company purpose to the dealer:

Email id to dealer

Phone Numbers.

Skype ID.

Identity Cards.

Dress codes.

Marketing Catalogue, Technical Data and Price List.

Necessary training to the staff / engineers of the dealers.

CPMMC shall exert its best efforts to supply the dealer’s product requirements as promptly as possible, and to provide the Dealers with a product which will enhance the Dealers position and reputation with its customers.

CPMMC will provide sales bulletins and literature, and a technical library on current products, and give such engineering assistance on any problems directly concerned with proper utilization of its products as CPMMC shall deem necessary.

The dealer shall use its best efforts to develop customer interest and promote the sale of CPMMC products. The Dealer will ensure that CPMMC sales literature and products will represented on catalogs, displays, and other material provided to customers.


1.1. CPMMC wholeheartedly encourages Dealer advertising of CPMMC products. The Dealer will not advertise CPMMC products in any media which CPMMC feels would be detrimental.

1.2. CPMMC shall provide the approved advertisements material, its schedule as and when required in coordination with dealer and it will be published or advertised by the dealer at his own cost.

1.3. CPMMC may include the Dealers name and address in trade advertising which services the Dealers trade area, if requested.


2.1. Company authorised dealer have to achieved the target sale for the month/ half yearly/ yearly as explain in annex-I

2.2. Dealer have to appoint two full time engineers certified by CPMMC who will be responsible to work on behalf of dealer in his territory.

2.3. A daily marketing reporting system to the area/ Region head/team leader should be followed as per the approved format and a daily / weekly / monthly progress reports has to be submitted to Head Office as per the approved formats as per annex-II

2.4. The Dealer is responsible to achieve the monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly sale target as specified in the Annexure-.

2.5. Dealer have to maintain a proper dress code during the office working hours at least for 05 working day.

2.6. CPMMC follows working hours as 0900-1800 Hrs. and suggest the dealer for the same for good communication between the local dealer and the HO, however dealer have right to modify considering his requirement and same to be update with HO.

2.7. Dealer have to maintain a proper records of data /information /quotation etc. and submit a copy of the same with HO office.

2.8. Dealer is authorised to quote to customer using company provided mail id and a copy of the same should be intimated to HO.

2.9. All the confirmed purchase order have to be submitted in CPMMC office and acknowledgment have to be collected from HO.

3. Quotations and Negotiation

3.1. All quotation / offers submitted to customers should be as per the price list and on company letter head and a separate serial no. is to be followed for control /reference.

3.2. However considering the customer need and requirement, CPMMC dealer can quote suitably and negotiate the price under intimation to this office.

3.3. All quotation / offers to be issued in the CPMMC approved format list and keeping of proper records is must.

3.4. All the quotation / offer terms have to be in accordance to the CPMMC existing sale terms and condition.

3.5. Dealers and CPMMC are authorized to submit the quote to the customer and the copy of the same is to be updated to the counterpart.

3.6. Regular follow-up with all the customers of the territory remain with the dealer and all update should be submitted to Zonal Head responsible for the state.


The Company reserves the following all time rights without incurring any liability whatsoever to the Dealer:-

4.1. To refuse or delay or accept in part only of any order for Products if there are reasonable technical or commercial grounds for doing so.

4.2. From time to time to modify the specification of any Product without notice provided any such modification does not materially degrade the performance of such Product.

4.3. To discontinue the manufacturer or sale of any products which the Company no longer wishes to make available for sale generally.

4.4. The Company reserves the right to cancel this contract if any or the part of this contract is violated /not achieved during the period.

4.5. The Company reserves the right to appoint any other dealer in same territory subjected to business requirements, if any arises.

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